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Tracing Numbers Activity Worksheets

A fun and educational way for your little one to learn numbers!

Use these free tracing numbers activity worksheets to help your little learner or students practice their number writing.

Tracing numbers activity worksheets are a fun and educational way for preschoolers and kindergarteners to learn about numbers. By tracing the numbers on these worksheets, children can better understand the shapes and formations of each number. 

In addition, tracing numbers activity worksheets provides many benefits such as improved hand-eye coordination, dexterity, and fine motor skills. Parents or guardians can help their children with numbers worksheets by providing support and encouragement and helping them to understand the instructions when they are stuck! 

We’ve created a huge range of number tracing activity worksheets that are designed to help children learn numbers in a simple and fun way. Some recommended tracing number activity pages are listed below.

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Fruits Number Coloring Worksheet

[std alias="fruits_number_coloring_worksheet"]

Animal Number Tracing Worksheet

Animal Number 1 Tracing Worksheet
Animal Number 2 Tracing Worksheet
Animal Number 3 Tracing Worksheet
Animal Number 4 Tracing Worksheet
Animal Number 5 Tracing Worksheet
Animal Number 6 Tracing Worksheet
Animal Number 7 Tracing Worksheet
Animal Number 8 Tracing Worksheet
Animal Number 9 Tracing Worksheet
[std alias="animal_number_tracing_worksheet"]

Dinosaur Number Tracing and Coloring Worksheet

Dinosaur Number 5 Coloring worksheet
Dinosaur Number 6 Coloring worksheet
Dinosaur Number 7 Coloring worksheet
Dinosaur Number 8 Coloring worksheet
Dinosaur Number 9 Coloring worksheet
Dinosaur Number 10 Coloring worksheet
[std alias="dinosaur_number_coloring_worksheet"]

Number Tracing Handwriting Worksheet

Number Tracing Handwriting
Number Tracing Handwriting 2
Number Tracing Handwriting 3
Number Tracing Handwriting 4
Number Tracing Handwriting 5
Number Tracing Handwriting 6
Number Tracing Handwriting 7
Number Tracing Handwriting 8
Number Tracing Handwriting 9
Number Tracing Handwriting 10
[std alias="number_tracing_handwriting_worksheet"]

Learning & Tracing Numbers Worksheet

Learning Tracing Number 1
Learning Tracing Number 2
Learning Tracing Number 3
Learning Tracing Number 4
Learning Tracing Number 5
Learning Tracing Number 6
Learning Tracing Number 7
Learning Tracing Number 8
Learning Tracing Number 9
Learning Tracing Number 10
[std alias="learning_and_tracing_numbers_110"]

Superhero Number Tracing Worksheet

Superhero Number 1 Tracing worksheet
Superhero Number 2 Tracing worksheet
Superhero Number 3 Tracing worksheet
Superhero Number 4 Tracing worksheet
Superhero Number 5 Tracing worksheet
Superhero Number 6 Tracing worksheet
Superhero Number 7 Tracing worksheet
Superhero Number 8 Tracing worksheet
Superhero Number 9 Tracing worksheet
Superhero Number 10 Tracing worksheet
[std alias="superhero_numbers_tracing_worksheet"]

Baby Shark Numbers Coloring Worksheet

Baby Shark Number 1 Coloring Worksheet
Baby Shark Number 2 Coloring Worksheet
Baby Shark Number 3 Coloring Worksheet
Baby Shark Number 4 Coloring Worksheet
Baby Shark Number 5 Coloring Worksheet
Baby Shark Number 6 Coloring Worksheet
Baby Shark Number 7 Coloring Worksheet
Baby Shark Number 8 Coloring Worksheet
Baby Shark Number 9 Coloring Worksheet
Baby Shark Number 10 Coloring Worksheet

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